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Ground transportation to & around Davos

How to maximize productivity and security
World economic forum annual meetings

15 - 19 January 2024

7 questions to ask before you choose your Davos ground transportation partner:

1. Is your company licensed to transport passengers in Switzerland?

2. How are your vehicles and passengers insured?

3. Are your vehicles approved by Swiss customs authorities?

4. Do you use experienced, responsibly insured, multi-lingual drivers who are Swiss or EU citizens, with local experience, that comply with drive-rest rules – or do you bring in your own drivers and/or vehicles from abroad?

5. Can I hire a driver and vehicle only for the trips or days I need them, or do I have to book for the duration of the Annual Meeting?

6. Do you have backup vehicles if needed?

7. Are your drivers and vehicles equipped to maintain elevated hygiene standards during the flu season?

Getting to Davos by car

Most foreign participants fly into Zurich Airport (ZRH), located just north of Switzerland’s largest city.
Private planes also use St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (ACH) near Lake Constance

Good to know

Drivers and vehicles must be properly insured:
Hired drivers and the vehicles transporting passengers in Switzerland must be licensed and insured according to Swiss law.

Winter driving:
Winter driving in Switzerland can be complicated by snow and ice, especially at higher elevations.
Drivers must be trained and experienced in winter driving. Winter tires are a must, and snow chains are required for
all cars that are not 4x4.

Expressway permit:
The “vignette”, or Swiss Motorway Sticker, is required to drive on expressways.

Drive time, Zurich Airport – Davos:
Approximately 2.0 hours (158 km, 98 miles)

Drive time, St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport – Davos:
Approximately 1.5 hours (117 km, 73 miles)

Getting around Davos by car

Although Davos is served by an excellent shuttle bus system during the WEF Annual Meetings, some visitors prefer the flexibility, security, and increased productivity of a chauffeured vehicle

Good to know

Sudden bottlenecks:
During the WEF Annual Meeting, traffic conditions in Davos change often and suddenly. When heads of state and other dignitaries arrive at or depart a venue, roads can be blocked at a moment’s notice, so planned routes must be changed. Drivers without familiarity with local streets and backstreets are often at a loss to navigate the quickly changing conditions.

Inner security zone:
Police tightly control access to the Congress Center and its immediate environs. Only persons with the proper access badges may enter, and vehicular traffic is extremely limited. Very few vehicles may enter this zone, and persons without proper badges are not allowed in.

Vehicle CO2 emissions:
To access secured hotels within Davos (Kongress Hotel, Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel Seehof, Hotel Steigenberger Belvédère and Hotel InterContinental), vehichles must comply with Greener Davos requirements. Not yet announced for 2024, these are the latest maximum emission rates we know of:
• Cars: 165g CO2/km
• Vans (vehicles w/ 6-9 pasengers, including driver): 232g CO2/km.

Choosing a ground transportation partner

Participants at the WEF Annual meetings who need chauffeured ground transportation typically select a local vendor rather than facing the complications of bringing their own drivers and cars. But how do you find a qualified and reliable company?

Tempest Security’s experts have arranged ground transportation to and around the WEF Annual Meetings in Davos for more than 15 years. We use only local drivers and vehicles that are in full compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

This experience is your guarantee of service levels that meet the criteria of the world’s most demanding corporate and ultra-high net worth clients.
With Tempest Security, you get:

Comfortable, safe, and efficient driving experiences: Top-notch vehicles driven by highly experienced, multi-lingual drivers who are familiar with the intricacies of driving in Davos during the WEF Annual Meetings

Full compliance with all local legislation: All drivers and vehicles are licensed and insured according to Swiss law; all drivers comply with strict drive-rest regulations; all vehicles comply with local environmental regulations, including Greener Davos

Door-to-door convenience: All vehicles and drivers can be equipped with the badges that allow access to all hotels

Simple communication and administration: One contact person, one invoice, and one local operation center to monitor local traffic conditions, coordinate all trips, and provide backup vehicles and services as needed

Good governance: Tempest Security is a publicly listed company based in the European Union with solid and transparent governance that complies with all relevant regulations


or email us at: davos@tempestsecurity.com