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Risk mitigation designed to keep our customers safe and productive

Founded in 2009, Tempest Security quickly became one of Sweden’s leading security companies and now provides a comprehensive range of security services internationally.

The Tempest approach to keeping people safe and productive is inspired by enterprise security risk management principles, which apply established risk-management practices to security issues in close partnership with our customers. We believe that

  • Good security begins with a clear-eyed assessment of the threats and vulnerabilities that underly risk, identification of risk ownership, and evaluation of risk tolerance.
  • Risk mitigation must be based on this shared understanding with our customers, our customers’ commercial, cultural and personal preferences, and budgets.
  • Security programs should be designed to use an intelligent mix of personnel, procedures, and technology to provide the best possible security with available resources.

With our Scandinavian roots, Tempest serves corporate, public sector, and high net worth clients worldwide.