A common communication platform for crisis management, travel security and global support

A common communication platform for crisis management, travel security and global support

Global Watch

With the help of the Global Watch platform, it is possible to govern, notify, communicate and act with all employees on one and the same platform. It aims to ensure the safety of employees regardless of where they are in the world, as well as protect the company’s facilities and other values. The platform can be used for mass communication as well as two-way communication, as well as integrating various services such as travel assistance, duty of care, crisis management and crisis planning. We help you develop a customized solution based on your needs. Read more about the various services in Global Watch below.

Crisis Management and planning

A crisis is an unwanted event that seriously affects a business negatively. A seemingly less serious incident can quickly develop into a serious situation with extensive negative consequences for a business. With predetermined strategies and an action plan, such a situation can be taken care of before it escalates and the risk of serious consequences can be reduced or eliminated completely. The goal of an action or crisis plan is to create conditions for operating optimally during a crisis situation, and to return to normal operations as soon as possible, with minimal negative impact on operations.


We help you with below and implementation in the Global Watch platform.

  • Counseling and coaching
  • Crisis communication – Internal and External
  • Crisis staff work
  • Conversation support
  • Coordination of efforts
  • Coverage

Travel safety and travel assistance

According to the principle Duty of Care, which is found in Swedish work environment legislation, you as an employer are morally and legally responsible for employees who travel in the service or work permanently in another country. Global Watch picks up local and global events, and depending on an individual’s or facility’s positioning, verifying notifications are sent out regarding these events with recommendations for necessary action.


This can mean, for example, everything from notifying an employee on a job assignment in Florida about a severe tornado on the way to the area where he is located, or a mass message to all employees in a building where a dangerous object has been found in a nearby property, to updating on street changes or canceled public transport. Warnings can also include, for example, ongoing unrest over a political election or a special holiday that may affect a stay.


The platform provides the opportunity for mass communication or two-way communication, internal group functions can be created as needed and quickly mobilize an acute crisis plan at local as well as global level, and varying and fast status reports can be easily produced.


For calls and advice, our Global Support is available for support and escalation of relief efforts on site.

  • One and the same platform for communication and information
  • Positions your travelers, offices, shops and other buildings
  • Global certified security analyzes
  • Mass communication
  • Two-way communication


Travel Assistance
As a complement to travel security, Tempest Security also offers travel assistance and to actively assist in the entire travel planning. Examples of this are planning and booking flights, interpreters and guides, local advisors, transport, control of meeting places, hotels, restaurants and tips on local attractions. We can also assist with visas, currencies, assistance with government contacts and local regulations where applicable. We are responsible so that the entire trip is carried out with minimal disruption and that the stay in its entirety meets the desired standard.


A travel assistant can be very valuable at travel destinations where the security situation can change quickly. Travel to such places requires, for example, that there are adequate action plans that cover the need for alternative safe places to stay and evacuation plans.

Global Support

Tempest Security assists with an important and irreplaceable role in maintaining a good level of security in a foreign environment, where customs and practices differ. To the untrained eye, changes in the normal picture, which always precede an incident, can be more difficult to detect than in one’s home environment.

We help our clients with the challenges that may arise in, among other things, Duty of Care, where you as an employer have moral and legal responsibility for employees who travel in the service or work permanently in another country.

The work can be about developing a travel policy, guidelines and mandate, training staff, analyzing destinations or other temporary or long-term place of work, providing travel pharmacies or other equipment that is necessary for the intended destination or workplace.

During a business trip or work performed in another place, we can follow up and update the situation if there is a special threat or if there is a risk area to be visited. We also offer accompanying security personnel or a response team that can support in the event of serious incidents. The latter may, for example, be that staff need to be evacuated or receive support on site, whether nationally or internationally.

We also handle any follow-up work with evaluation of events, crisis talks and support when needed.

The key word for travel safety is solid preparatory work, which includes risk and external analysis. This is due to large differences from country to country regarding, for example, societal structures, culture and crime. Against this background, it is very important to check, among other things, the political situation before a trip, but also what can be seen as safe places in the event of an incident.

A good routine is that all foreign travel is preceded by a security analysis that regulates what security measures are needed.

Below is a list of information that is often good to obtain before a trip:

  • Risk assessment of the destination
  • Country and city summary
  • Security mode
  • Evaluation of the capacity of the local police / health care / rescue service
  • Airport information
  • Transport options
  • Hotel information
  • Security at intended places of residence
  • Means of communication
  • Tourist attractions
  • Available airlines
  • Health issues
  • Currency
  • Visa
  • Emergency contact information
  • Security transport
  • Evacuation support

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